Thanksgiving with the Millers

This year for thanksgiving all of the cousins met in KS for a reunion, with the exception of the married cousins (except for Andrew & Cristi). It had been over a year since i saw most of my cousins and almost 7 years since i had been in KS so it was really good to see everybody again! :) We always have a party when we are together! :) IMG_2681Our daily morning backrubs… just kidding, it only happened that morning. :)IMG_2745We had some additions to the Miller clan this year with Winston and Caleb’s girlfriends, Katie and Bridget. :) It was good to have them there! IMG_2686We all wrote our name on a cup and that was our cup for the weekend..IMG_2980Alot of music was played! IMG_0291Our thanksgiving dinner…IMG_2956Doing dishes…IMG_0324Goofballs! ;)IMG_0320IMG_0272IMG_0500IMG_2810 copyIMG_3234 copyMany games were played…
IMG_3016IMG_3008And LOTS of ping-pong! Jenita was pretty much the reigning champion all weekend..:)IMG_3367IMG_3361One night we had a low country broil..and we just ate off the tablecloth with our hands. I must say it was alot simpler! :)IMG_3318On Saturday everybody played Sardines in the was amazing how many people could get into a small space! At one point we got approx. 28 people in a 5 x 15 closet! It was quite cramped! :P

Below about half of us squeezed onto a small balcony above the kitchen…we were a little worried that it might collapse! :)
IMG_0750And what would a Miller reunion be without our midnight cereal parties! :)IMG_0767IMG_0695And a pic of the lovely couples..;)IMG_0792 copy


Gina is a dear friend of mine, and it was a lot of fun doing her photoshoot! :)

She has a big heart for kids and cares deeply for the people around her. I am very blessed to call her my friend!
IMG_7390 copyIMG_7399 copy1IMG_7406 copyIMG_7426 copymy personal favorite…IMG_7417 copyIMG_7453 copy1IMG_7496 copy1

Family Vacation 2013

The 3rd weekend in September our family went to a cabin in Bellville for our vacation. It was a great time just chillin and hanging out with family. There was lots of good food, many games played, and lots of good conversation. :)

Knockout was a very popular game that weekend..:)

IMG_7704 copyIMG_7690 copyIMG_7710And there was also lots of babies to go around..:)

L to R: Kaden, Hudson, Zachary, and Savannah. 
IMG_7927IMG_7733IMG_7735IMG_7903IMG_7889IMG_7879Katie was a new addition..:) Why was she there? Oh to visit me of course..who else? ;)
IMG_7832 copyOk, ok, she was there because of Caleb..;) It was alot of fun having her around! :)IMG_7851 copyIMG_7900IMG_7874IMG_7949 copyBattleship was played alot! :)IMG_7985IMG_7981Raphael had a remote controlled helicopter that he flew around alot. And Zachary was so intrigued by it..he would follow it all around the room trying to get to it. It was very amusing to watch at times. :)
IMG_7961IMG_7974When it did finally hold still long enough for him to touch it, he didn’t know what to do with it! :)
IMG_7979The whole Stoltzfoos tribe…IMG_8080Thus ended the Stoltzfoos family vacation 2013. :)

Glenbrook Bible School

I was introduced to this place last summer. Its a small development in Atglen. And the kids there have completely captured my heart. I never tire of going in there and playing with them. They look at me with their dear little faces and big eyes and i just melt..:)

The other week we went there and had a little bible school for them…its not super organized or anything. :) We just go in there and play games, have a short little bible story, sing, and just love the children.

Piggy back rides are also a very important part of it..;)


IMG_7273 copyIMG_7280IMG_7298Can you hear the prayer of the children? On bended knee, in the shadow of an unknown room. Empty eyes with no more tears to cry, turning heavenward toward the light.


Can you feel the hearts of the children? Aching for home, for something of their very own. Reaching hands, with nothing to hold on to, but hope for a better day.
IMG_7323IMG_7322IMG_7326 Crying,”Jesus help me to feel the love again in my own land. But if unknown roads lead away from home, give me loving arms away from harm.”IMG_7329IMG_7332IMG_7312IMG_7318IMG_7362IMG_7368IMG_7359IMG_7356Can you hear the voice of the children? Softly pleading, for silence in their shattered world? Angry guns, preach a gospel full of hate, blood of the innocent on their hands.IMG_7349IMG_7376IMG_7383Crying, “Jesus help me to feel the sun again upon my face. For when darkness clears i know your near, bringing peace again.”IMG_7378Can you HEAR the PRAYER of the CHILDREN?