I had the opportunity to go to Nepal for 2 weeks with 6 others to do earthquake relief work. It was a very good experience! 2015-10-25 10.08.34 When we arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal we stayed in the capitol for a day…resting and touring around the city. IMG_8659IMG_0037IMG_0062 Our group..Grace Troyer, Miriam Kauffman, Kendall Lantz, Chad Stoltzfus, Johnny Smoker, Randall and I. IMG_9118 We arose early one morning and took a 7 hour bus ride…it was an interesting experience to say the least! 🙂 Loud music, packed bus, dusty mountain roads…there was many times that we would meet buses coming the other direction, and with a mountain on one side and drop off on the other, we would wonder how in the world we would get past..but we always managed to squeeze by somehow! 😛20151028_033647 After the first bus ride we stopped in a town to wait for another bus, and we ended up being there for several hours until we managed to get a jeep ride to our next stop (a hotel). We had a great time while there in the town..playing with the kids and just observing the people.IMG_8730IMG_8734 Chad got out his Spot-it game and showed some of the kids how to play. They caught on quite well and we played it for a while. 🙂IMG_8763IMG_8766 Grace and Miriam taught a bunch of the little kids how to play duck duck goose. 🙂IMG_8842 They were a lively bunch! 😉IMG_8856 From the hotel the next morning we started our hike to our final destination. (We were going to spend a week up in the mountains helping at a village). When we started out it was raining a bit..20151028_205828_00120151028_210512 It was a really hard hike and we covered about 6900 ft. of elevation that day. IMG_0245 The scenery was gorgeous!IMG_8874IMG_8872IMG_021920151028_23013820151028_230128 Finally about 5 1/2 hours later we were nearing the end of our hike..and we were quite exhausted! 😛20151029_02285920151029_023018A typical street in the village of Lapoo. IMG_9084IMG_011720151104_020108 Our favorite thing…hot tea and crackers. So good. 🙂WP_20151101_06_55_14_Pro (2)IMG_9035 We would wake up every morning to these sights…beautiful! WP_20151031_06_22_47_ProIMG_903920151101_001545IMG_8973 There were many children…and they were very friendly. 🙂 We would often hear them calling out their greeting to us in Nepalian. IMG_9078IMG_9069 So many adorable children. 🙂 Although most of them were very dirty.IMG_9063 We hand washed our laundry every day at the pump…and everything else we needed to wash. It was our only way of washing ourselves as well. 🙂 IMG_8995 We spent our days there doing a nice variety of work. The guys built a temporary house for girls got to work in the rice fields some..:) (definantly a highlight) WP_20151031_14_18_29_Pro…we hiked to the peak of the mountain one day..IMG_9157…went to the jungle to bring back lumber another day…IMG_9130IMG_9137…and did a lot of cleaning up stones. IMG_9179IMG_9190And we had lots of tea breaks. 🙂IMG_9188 Moving rubble..20151103_224423 In the evenings some the guys would often play soccer with the natives.IMG_8986 And the rest of us would hangout with the children on the sidelines. We were all very entertained. 🙂IMG_8977IMG_8956IMG_9022IMG_9015 Our last day there we spent the day at the creek relaxing…it was gorgeous. 20151105_015627 We had a great time in the village and i think it was an experience that none of us will forget anytime soon.

This wonderful family generously fed and hosted us the whole week. IMG_9289 One last pic at the top of the mountain before we headed down. 🙂IMG_9296It was so fun being there with Miriam and Grace. We had a lot of good times together! 🙂 2015-11-03 15.19.56We spent about 2 days in the capitol before we headed home, just relaxing and exploring the city. IMG_9343IMG_9315

Going on this adventure with Randall was pretty cool too. 😉IMG_9328

One last pic from the airplane, of the mountains above the clouds. IMG_20151109_041705


Miller Reunion

The Miller Reunion 2015, hosted at our place, brought 60+ people from Iowa, Kansas, Ireland, ect. We had a grand time reconnecting with cousins and doing all manner of fun things! 🙂

The barrel train was a highlight for the children..:)IMG_9352IMG_9247 Some of us big kids wanted rides too…;)IMG_9231 The guys did a bunch of shooting guns and such like things…:)IMG_9209Foosball was very popular as well…IMG_9295IMG_9228IMG_9217 We had a hay wagon ride one night…
IMG_9333IMG_9313IMG_9328IMG_9311 Water fights were a huge part of the weekend as well! 😉IMG_9298IMG_9268IMG_9347One of the nights we had a talent/skit show…:)IMG_9406IMG_9420IMG_9411 And a piñata for the kids..IMG_9581IMG_9587IMG_9437IMG_9452IMG_9453The 3 big sisters with the 3 little sisters that they were reminiscing about holding as babies at previous reunions. 🙂IMG_9467IMG_9500IMG_9564IMG_9474IMG_9512 A fun weekend indeed….and it was great having Randall there too. 😉IMG_9540

Haiti Trip

The trip to Haiti was a dream come true! 🙂 I went with my sister Charlene, Ada Stoltzfus, Andrea and Ariana Lapp, and Sonya and Krista Stoltzfus. Ada was the one that kind of got everything together…she had lived there for about a year and a half and knew her way around. She did a wonderful job of giving us a well rounded experience of Haiti! Many good memories were made! 🙂 Our trip was January 2-15.IMG_0772IMG_6785

The day after we got there we headed to a beach house about 2 hours away from the main Water for Life mission house where we were based. It was a great way to start the trip, relaxing for a couple days before we started traveling around a lot.

We were all quite happy to be in the warmth! 🙂IMG_6943IMG_6940Attempting to open a coconut..
IMG_6906Finally after a long time Ariana finally got it open! 🙂IMG_6919The first day on the beach these 3 boys came and visited us…we attempted to play soccer with them though they were away better than us and majorly beat us at it. 🙂 We also tried to teach them spike ball.. it kinda worked. 🙂 The language barrier made it quite interesting at times! Though Ada did help a lot with translating.IMG_6962The next day they brought back about 10 of their friends! 🙂 It definantly made the beach an interesting experience! 🙂 It was a lot of fun though!IMG_6992IMG_7004 IMG_7035We drank a lot of 7up and Coke! It was very refreshing on a hot day! 🙂IMG_6960The group..i like them. 🙂IMG_7119IMG_7076There were 3 sets of sisters on the trip…:)IMG_7132IMG_7086IMG_7140The last evening at the beach we went to a resort for supper and had genuine haitian food. IMG_7177Rook was pretty much the game the whole trip! Andrea and I always won…ok so maybe that is just wishful thinking..we didn’t win all the time. 😉IMG_7161Back at the base one day we went to watch Ivan drill wells. It was a really cool experience!
IMG_7208It seemed like the whole village was out to watch! And they definantly made themselves at home on the truck! 🙂
IMG_7255They were all so fascianted by the camera, it was very entertaining to see their expressions where they looked at the pictures! 🙂IMG_0796These little boys esp. loved the i told them to make a silly face (actually i had to demonstrate because they couldn’t understand what i was saying), so they made lots of faces while i took pictures and then showed it to them. They would just laugh and laugh! 🙂 IMG_7237IMG_7272IMG_7304These dear little girls sat up onto of the truck with us about the whole time we were there…and we communicated the best we could! 🙂IMG_7249IMG_7251Later on it the week we took trip to an orphanage and clinic that was way up in the mountains! And wow that was quite the experience! We traveled about 5-6 hours and the roads half the time were so bumpy it was a bit of a challenge at times to stay on the truck, depending where you were sitting. 🙂 The the scenery was gorgeous..the mountains, the ocean in the distance, the twists and turns in the was beautiful!
IMG_7311Our mode of transportation! 🙂 We made a lot of memories riding on the back of that truck! 🙂
IMG_7340IMG_7323Ivan was Ada’s brother and the other girls uncle. He drove us around most of the time.IMG_7337Riding ontop of the truck on this trip proved to be quite tricky at times as we bumped over the roads! But it was a party! 🙂IMG_7391IMG_7414IMG_7330IMG_7433At the orphanage..IMG_7442The clinic..IMG_0801IMG_0802One sunday afternoon a group of us went to a lookout..IMG_7494IMG_7458The after effects of truck rides..:)
IMG_7495Haiti streets..
IMG_8908The last part of our trip we went to Laogon Girls Home and spent several days there.IMG_7509IMG_8880IMG_8884IMG_8881I was quite shocked when i met up with Grace in Haiti! I had no idea she was down there until she comes riding up in a truck! The expression on my face was shocked to say the least…:) It was great seeing her again!IMG_7511IMG_7517Right before we left for the airport and headed to the freezing north! 😛
IMG_7527Yes, it was a trip to be remembered! 🙂

Thanksgiving with the Millers

This year for thanksgiving all of the cousins met in KS for a reunion, with the exception of the married cousins (except for Andrew & Cristi). It had been over a year since i saw most of my cousins and almost 7 years since i had been in KS so it was really good to see everybody again! 🙂 We always have a party when we are together! 🙂 IMG_2681Our daily morning backrubs… just kidding, it only happened that morning. 🙂IMG_2745We had some additions to the Miller clan this year with Winston and Caleb’s girlfriends, Katie and Bridget. 🙂 It was good to have them there! IMG_2686We all wrote our name on a cup and that was our cup for the weekend..IMG_2980Alot of music was played! IMG_0291Our thanksgiving dinner…IMG_2956Doing dishes…IMG_0324Goofballs! 😉IMG_0320IMG_0272IMG_0500IMG_2810 copyIMG_3234 copyMany games were played…
IMG_3016IMG_3008And LOTS of ping-pong! Jenita was pretty much the reigning champion all weekend..:)IMG_3367IMG_3361One night we had a low country broil..and we just ate off the tablecloth with our hands. I must say it was alot simpler! 🙂IMG_3318On Saturday everybody played Sardines in the was amazing how many people could get into a small space! At one point we got approx. 28 people in a 5 x 15 closet! It was quite cramped! 😛

Below about half of us squeezed onto a small balcony above the kitchen…we were a little worried that it might collapse! 🙂
IMG_0750And what would a Miller reunion be without our midnight cereal parties! 🙂IMG_0767IMG_0695And a pic of the lovely couples..;)IMG_0792 copy